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  1. is this post still going
  2. yea not sure on time just make sure you got meat for your dinos and pod anything extra up
  3. anyone know if this will be a big update or will it just be a sever up for tomorrow
  4. most of the traps i see are the ramps. and i use them weather i can open the doors or not tame them then cryo them.
  5. auto decay had 2 dinos auto decay on val PVE. have the decay timers been adjusted. lost a lot of power cables and wires to generators.
  6. i think there will be something like that so you will need to unlock the TEK saddle to ride the new flyer
  7. agreed that would be simpler
  8. im just wondering if this mod is already on PC. then it shouldn't take long for console. maybe just getting all the security approval from Xbox and sony
  9. New Game- - -Second Extinction shooter game xbox had a conference was wondering if wildcard is apart of it. not sure if anyone else is talking about it. looks like Left for dead but with ark
  10. maybe try talking to that tribe in the chat. or if you have a spyglass and see it you can whistle for it
  11. not sure but i think there is spot to make it PVE. try that
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