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  1. Bro wildcard, 968 has been down 4 hours over a 24 hour period. It is lit actually crashing a out every 15-30 minutes now. With 30 people online, how can the ping be 250+, at all times? Why cant you region lock the servers? Why wont you FIX the servers? Who hurt you? What happened to you in your childhood?
  2. I was logged in for all of five minutes before a crash today. Also as people have mentioned there is a big during crash where people lose all their inventory, because they are prompted to respawns upon logging in even though they didn't die. Also what happens when theres a crash during a mission? That's right, you die and lose all your stuff. Idk why you, WC, even bother to schedule server takedowns for mainataince, you could just wait 15 minutes for your servers to crash themselves, easy peasy.
  3. Official PvE Gen2 968 goes down consistently, nearly every two hours. There was a crash 1 hour, I log back in, refarm everything that rolled back and it crashes AGAIN. Regardless of the reason, which I suspect duping and other nonsense, how is this acceptable? Nearly 10% total server downtime. 10%! Pathetic server performance. Now give me the excuse "play on single player if you dont wanna blab blahs blah" no, well it seems private servers and single player have the same damn problems, perhaps for entirely different reasons. EDIT: 4 crashes in 10 hours.
  4. PvE 968 has gone down three times within the last three hours. It seems like it's a save failure l, but sometimes it seems like missions cause crashes. Cant do much with the server going down this often, we will just lose games if we attempt tames.
  5. 968 down again twice today. However I dont think it's a full server issue anymore, its seems the more likely culprit now is bugged missions crashing the servers. So I will now take my complaints and record of crashes over to an appropriate thread, lol. Been real!
  6. 968 down again. Right when Voldemorts start showing up... surely a coincidence.
  7. 968, PvE down, again. Twice today that I have seen. Losing 15 minutes of play at any given time is a blaaaaaast.
  8. Server 968 has gone down 12 times in the last two days. 12 times that I have seen. Others have been reported. There was a patch an hour or so ago and then boom, the server is down now. It's like clockwork. With all the 15 minute rollbacks it could be something that being g exploited for duping. The crashes are nearly every two hours. This is stupid.
  9. Transmitting still broken. Trying to go to Gen Two from my transmitter on Rag causes the client to crash. Why? Why not say the server is full and keep me in game? Why do I have to reboot the client for every attempt? When you say you're fixing bugs can you be more specific wildcard? Jfc.
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