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  1. Yeah I just got my first Ravager, but need a few more. But I also just had an idea, Stegos back plates protect the rider from dismount, right? I think ought to tame one and surround it with a ravager vanguard
  2. Just started Ab for the first time yesterday, it really looks good so far. But man those raptors. What can I do about their pounce? Cause they yoinked me off of my trike (you'd think it'd be too large for that to happen but whatever) and killed me and the trike and I couldn't use the spear even though I had it equipped at the time. So how do I survive raptor pounces, especially since they do it so much more than normal raptors, which has only happened to me once on the Island
  3. Is there any way to adjust the screen size? My Sinomacrops stats only show up partially and I can't see how much stamina it has, which makes using it risky. Google search says it can be done from Xbox settings in conjunction with the TV remote, but I don't have a remote for this TV, so is there any in game setting to fix this? Adjusting UI general and UI slot scales don't fix it
  4. On Lost Island, often times eggs would spawn inside the terrain and I would have a hard time finding them; maybe that's the case. Or maybe you ought to kill the wyverns inside the trench and hope news ones spawn and make eggs. If that doesn't work, a "DestroyWildDinos" command could solve the issue
  5. Absolutely folded that Alpha Manticore, suffered no losses, rexes lost about 2k health at most and that was probably from Rock Elementals rather than the Manticore itself
  6. I thought about bringing Theris cause they did well for me against the Dragon and Overseer on The Island, but I wanted to do Scorched Earth with only the dinos natural to the map. Honestly the only thing I'm wary of with the Alpha manticore is gonna be the torpor, but since I'm about to have ascendant saddles on all of them, the armor ought to protect them from getting ko'd I figure
  7. All the caves on SE were a little bugged for me but not like you described, instead they became super easy with maybe 1 or 2 hostile creatures spawning, only after I grab the artifact do more spawn but at that point I can just run right by them without trouble. As for you not getting a death cache, that's happened to me before but it was underneath the terrain and I could noclip to get it back, if your server allows maybe you could try that
  8. Thanks for the info; I saw a video of one guy do the Alpha Manticore fight solo on official with 17 rexes and 1 Yutyrannus. 25k health on rexes with 350% melee and journeyman saddles. That kinda astounded me because I'm raising an army of 19 rexes (yuty included) only 20k health but 600-700% melee and all with ascendant saddles. All things considered, I'm expecting to annihilate this alpha manticore
  9. How exactly do boss fights scale to game difficulty? My single player Scorched Earth is on .6 (highest level wild dinos around lv. 100). But I've heard people say the server difficulty affects bosses too, but how? Will the Alpha Manticore have more than 160,000 health, cause the wiki doesn't say it has higher stats than that? I don't quite understand what would make it harder? (On Xbox too, if that makes a difference)
  10. Is it possible to keep the Dodowyvern and Dodo Rex after force taming when fear evolved ends? I'm on Xbox, so mods are out of the question
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