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    Server population has been Booming the past few days, Loads of new tribes have come in & begun building. Events have begun this week & have been a great success, Come join the fun. Servers really beggening to look lively however numbers for many Events are still below what we'd like too see, So we're still looking for a few more tribes to push that population a little higher:) check us out on Facebook @ Ark Council (Xbox)
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    Servers Been up for a few days now & we've got a few tribes already Building up, Still looking for a few new Players & Tribes to Help Build a Stong Server Community. We've had quite a few people on the server that haven't been added to the Facebook page, Please make sure you join this page for Messages & Event Announcements. Cheers guys hope to see some new survivors on the server
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    Make sure you are in the Facebook group, Once added to that you'll be quickly added by the host GT.
  4. ^ This player has been banned for breaking the 24 hour grace period rule. The rules are strongly enforced & all crucial information is on the Facebook page. Not knowing the rules/ Server info due to not being on the Facebook page is not an excuse. Please join the page - link in post above. Please respect other survivors, the rules and the admins.
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience - The server is being updated & nearly ready to go. Most people have been added however you must join the the Facebook page as this is the best way to avoid trolls & communicate the your players. Events etc will be discussed in the Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1633925500252571?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment
  6. Cheers for your interest everyone, any questions message myself - X iiBongRipperz I apologise for the wait to get into the server due to the update recently being released. I believe the host must still update. I appreciate it's not what to expect from a newly advertised server & I hope you stick around for a few more hours to allow the host to update & to experience our great server. cheers for your cooperation guys.
  7. This server sounds perfect for you, No Trolls, No kids, Frowned upon offline raiding (doesn't happen), Allows people to rebuild & no ones salty after a good fight.
  8. Kragg I replied to your comment on my post, I think you'll really like the server. The server population is made up of primarily Americans with full time jobs, so will suit your playing style perfectly. The admins don't play as often as most, but whenever they are on they deal with the shop etc, not server politics. No need when it's only adults. Admins are currently very busy with real like difficulties so Event etc are being put on hold for the time being. Hope to see you on the server - Host - Ark Emporium any questions - X iiBongRipperz
  9. I am not the holder of the host Account I do apologise. If you have questions they may be similar to others that look at this post so posting them down below may be helpful. If they are personal then message my gamer tag I'll be happy to help X iiBongRipperz
  10. Ark Emporium - Host Gt *Server had fresh wipe & recently moved to island* The Center server Ark Emporium is looking for new tribes to join the strong PVP community. Looking for mature/ Over 18 players & tribes only in an attempt to avoid trolls & maintain a good community. The server is ran through the Facebook page, all members of the server MUST post there gamertag in the pinned post in order to be added to be added by the host. All events, updates & important messages will be posted in the Facebook group -https://m.facebook.com/groups/1633925500252571?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment Admins DO NOT raid, so do not raid them - "The mall" Shall not be Touched. PVP orientated server - PVP is the aim of the game here on Ark Emporium, However Offline Raiding & Stoneaging is hugely discouraged, Allow people to Defend their base & rebuild. Admins Run a Shop where you will be able to purchase anything from Dino's to BP's. The In game currency is CP & prices Differ with item type/ quality & Dino type/ level. Scorched Dinos & item are for sale. Rules are simple - Don't "Stone Age" Bases & No Bronto's. We want our players to stay & rebuild when attacked, we also like a smooth server to play on, Following these rules Allows this. Stats Are Boosted For player Enjoyment and competitive PVP: - Highly Boosted Player & Dino gather rates - Extreamly Boosted Taming - Extreamly Boosted Breeding - Medium Boosted Player & Dino stats - Highly Boosted Player & Dino Weight *24 Hour PVP grace Period For new Tribes* Add server host if interested We'll be happy to have you
  11. is the wipe still happening & what's the reason behind it?
  12. What taming & Xp stats like? How long has the server been up? Like am I not gunna be able to set up shop without being blown apart the first night?
  13. Looking for an already populated 24/7 PvP centre server for my tribe to join? Hoping for rates above or around 10x, 15x for Xp, Harvest & taming. I have a small tribe of active players who recently had their server shutdown, Just looking to build up again. Hmu with servers
  14. xbox The Center PVP 24/7

    How many are playing on the server currently & is there any chance of changing offline raid protection? I hate to be offlined just as much as anyone els but the system can be so easily abused.