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  1. On the Rex front, you are fine, but what is the saddle for the deinonychus, 50-115 or higher armour saddle is what you need for the deinonychus. Also no mention of daeodon, get two of them, one outside the fight in a cryopod and one that goes with you to the fight. But before you go killing bosses, you also need equipment for your self, which is here: one shotgun with damage above 480% with 500-600 shotgun shells which you use if you lose 45%-75% or higher of all mounts Ghillie armour for dragon and broodmother but for the megapithicus use ascendant or mastercraft fur
  2. hey could you put video evidence of that
  3. Also forgot to mention Megapithicius is more dangerous on gamma than the dragon.
  4. Ok op listen to me, the issue of primitive drops was resolved in a patch, so I would recommend checking again for more better saddles. you’re stats are fantastic especially for the gamma bosses, now some will say “What about the dragon.” The dragon is not an issue on gamma with these Rex stats, the breath on gamma is way less dangerous than the alpha dragon’s and, so it is not an issue. I would also take the deinonychus with 7k-3k health and 600%-800% damage with good saddles, they would be fine especially since you are using them as support and not as main combat units, and for gamm
  5. Well I am seeing some of those dodos on my single-player Crystal-isles playthrough as well.
  6. Where is this Crystal isles water cave? Also there is lava golems, on which map? sorry this is new for me.
  7. Sorry but I do not have extinction or the other paid dlc.
  8. Which is the best place to get ascendant shotguns on all maps and which is the best map for the shotguns expect the paid DLC.
  9. What are you saying, 1. Tamed yutyrannus cannot fear roar unless ridden or wild. 2. Normal use of the yutyrannus is two-fold which are: A.the fear roar to fear wild and enemy creatures. B.To Courage roar allied creatures. 3. What roar are you referring to as the fear roar does not affect allied creatures in any way or you are referring to the courage roar which boosts only allied creatures. 4. I think you genuinely think I would put the auto-courage for all the yutyrannus, which is false because the yutyrannus I am riding during the fights is the one I am
  10. I am pretty sure that it is not but check in the radial menu, but as I Saïd it is useless.
  11. They do roar if you are riding them or turn that on, come on man this is common knowledge.
  12. They only fear creatures if ridden, and most creatures can and will be feared, auto courage roar is something I do not recommend as you can do it on the mutated yutyrannus which you are riding all the time.
  13. Wow is that is very wasteful especially for single-player.
  14. Well did the fights and the result is, actually a decent plan. Important stats: Health: 40,000-52,000 stamina:1200-2100 Damage: about 600 or above per bite without the buff from the other yutyrannus. Weight:1250 or above. Actually viable for all the bosses and actually is best against the monkey then the spider by slight margin then the dragon but to be honest very one of the fights was stupid easy. overseer could be a issue if not managed well, but it is for me ridiculous on how easy gamma and beta was, alpha is stressful but can be done easily. Best place t
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