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  1. Added a couple more images...I was looking at the text blocks and its not really a lot to read considering its a creature with variants so I took some advice to add images to depict some stuff. I am not an artist so the drawings are rough lol.
  2. Man if this makes top 10 its in my top 3 votes for sure. I wish I could see what Drawolf could do with my entry. I would commission but because my entry has variants I doubt I could afford it lol. Great stuff!
  3. Yeah, that was the previous Creature Vote. I think most of the community is dead set on water type creatures for the Genesis 1 map Vote...that could be your best chance to enter this.
  4. The issue with any of the Genesis Creature Votes is that it has already been heavily stated that people are going to be voting only on water creatures. While I do have a semi aquatic variant, I don't think many would vote it over a water only creature for those maps. I think to change my focus on just that map could set me up for failure. I could adjust for it later though. I don't think adding another variant or changing one of them to fit the space biome is a great idea. However, I have been considering some saddle changes to accompany other biomes and situations. It really depends on how votes on other maps go first...I plan to enter in every one. If you have saddle or even armor ideas for the creature as a whole...please comment them.
  5. There have been top tens that have had more than this though. Most of the text block is just details on what the creature variants look like. I am not really too great of an artist and I refuse to pay someone to do it. If there is someone that would do it freely than that would be awesome. Otherwise, there are images that somewhat describe the looks so I could try to summarize things a bit more. I could also put that info at the bottom of the submission and make a notification to people what it is. I will give a good thought process on it and see what I can do. I do know that people are lazy to read...I am myself to be fair. Thanks for the support and advice! Edit: PS> Which text blocks are bothersome? That would help me make it better but you do have to realize that because there are 5 variants that have different abilities to fit biomes...there will be 5 text blocks for stuff like wild info.
  6. Interesting for sure but Extinction has little water areas.
  7. SMH...but yet my real world creature got taken down instantly when I referenced a dragon and used an image to credit the artist for my edited version. Translation so you don't have to: Mannahrrav, It is a creature inspired by the Nordic legend of the dogs of the sun and the moon. Like Managarmr, Mannahrrav also brings the idea of a wolf/dragon, its main differential is its wings and its abilities. Possessing four legs and two wings farther apart, its abilities resemble solar blasts with slowing effects and high damage to corrupted. creatures. SKILLS He has a charged jump, which allows him to use the same bust as the Managarmer, uses a charged shot and an energy pulse that can be used to deal area damage. Your main role in extinction will be to face corrupted creatures and Titans. He can feed on the nodes and activate a life regeneration buff and if he has a Managarmer by his side, he gains a buff called eclipse. This ability allows both of them to take half damage from corrupted creatures and deal double damage to Titan nodes. In addition to being completely immune to the Corrupted Wyverns' fire attacks. With his leap, he can latch onto a titan's body and literally devour nodules, strengthening his frenzy and accumulating with every node he feeds and causing a considerable gain in stamina. WHY HE MUST ENTER THE Ark: As already shown in Fjordur and Ragnarok, the Ark contains many influences on Norse mythology, so if Hati is being represented by Managarmr, why not put Skoll, I believe it will be much more fun and intrusive to use both with unique and complementary functionalities.
  8. I do realize that for this vote the water variant would probably not fit too well. Extinction lacks a good enough water biome for it. I am more entering the vote to get eyes on it so when it does fit...people will be like oh yeah there it is. There are big enough water holes for it on the Extinction map but with it being targeted to be a late game tame it would be too much of a rival for creatures in them water areas I think. Either way...its getting attention so that to me is all that matters. Thanks for the support and awareness!
  9. I have a poll to vote on for some ideas I had for saddles. I would really like to see what everyone would go with if I made changes. My reasoning for flight removal is to make it more viable for RP. Poll 1> https://fast-poll.com/poll/results/bf108f0d Also, if you have other ideas for saddles or abilities that would help RP situations or PVP than please feel free to suggest them. I am open to suggestions.
  10. I made it the way it is so that it could be on all maps potentially. I have been dialing things in since the Center vote. Quite a bit has changed from its original state. When I made the Dino-Freaks Mod a few years ago my target goal was to make dinos somewhat balanced and accessible on all maps so that kinda goes into my creatures for these votes too. My first change was its taming method...it was originally an egg steal when I first entered it. The current method I am not 100% on and am open to ideas. I just don't want to make it 100% locked to one map so people can use server code to add it to maps later on. I am also open to more RP and PVP ideas but its almost to the point where if I add much more it will be too much and OP.
  11. LOL looks like I have a hater down voting comments. I wonder if the haters for this creature are hating on it because of the place it has in the Bible? If so, that is not what I am going for but for those that do not know... Its stated that after the snake talked and tempted Eve with pomegranate, God cut off its legs. I cleaned up the images and fixed the transparency on the saddle images.
  12. I am considering another variant just for this vote...a Corrupted Crystal variant. Not sure if it would be worth the effort to come up with the details or image when I missed out on almost a week of voting.
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