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  1. Thanks, ya I will have to see what I can do later. Just really sucks there were two I was the swamp area. I need to lead the one back towards its original location. I figure if I avoid the area it should stay there. Not sure how mechanics areas that are not loaded in.
  2. I've seen stuff online that you can drown them is that really possible? If I lead it away how far to lead it? I do have a flyer and have tried to lure it but it takes so long to do. I gave up for the night.
  3. I am extremely new to the game and trying to play single player on The Island in Spawn zone 1/2 because it's easy and my dino attacked a Titanasaurus and I am worried it's going to find my current base but now in the area more towards the Red Obelisk where I want to make a larger base. How can I get rid of this? I'm worried it will destroy my base and cause me problems. I don't want to have to delete my file and start over because of this. Any help/guidance?
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