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  1. Epic Games ID: e2e5f0da6b7344ce86dc293b38faf751 Am played a lot of game on ARK Ragnorak, played so many hours I am tired with single player gaming and always loosing in raids as am 1 vs Many. Fed up with that, just want a good tribe, even if it staring now, I just need a very good tribe mates- in terms of not wasting the resources we have and not loosing dinos carelessly, thats it
  2. Dude lets talk here https://discord.gg/xF6d49U2Cs
  3. tell me the server you play on and the map, I have the free maps, I will join. Am very interested player, tired of playing solo, I need a small(to middle range kind of not OP) tribe. I can tame, farm, kill, can pretty much do everything as i played solo for so long. Hoping for a soon reply
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