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  1. Tried for first time a few days ago with velonasaurus and wooly rhinos. Managed to kill the dragon but not Giganto and manticore. Would suggest all avaialable mates (10) with some some higl level Rex/low Giga and at least 1 flyer to attacked manticore as while on ground hard to attack.
  2. Still new and catching the ropes using forum and YouTube. Am currently in start of using kibble for taming dinos, have set up a nice stego and anky colony and tamed 1 male to 3-4 females for eggs. Dinos are set to wander and all have visible mate bonus but in 3 days have only gotten eggs from mating, ufertilized eggs only twice (and have 8 dinos) while being in game majority of time. I saw that I could tame an Oviraptor but the number of eggs seems a bit too much for taming while does not eat other food. I saw that the eggs could be hatched every 17 minutes with mate bonus (ovi
  3. Maybe off topic (sorry in advance) but am a new player (1 month on Crystal Isles crossark) and learnt that it is hard in PVP to get on your feet without playing other DLCs and seems especially Extinction due to lack of possibility to get snow owls and managarmrs. Any advice how to compensate with Crstal Isles and Valguero dinos the mana? Haven't found any "antidote" and always get killed and raided afterwards.
  4. I myself am a rex 200 lv+ fan. With 2 rexes mana or wyvern players choose to avoid direct conflict. Yes, more vulnerable from air and low stamina but damage excellent. 3 better , while with 4+ seems to give diversity. Only for a boss fight (learned this weekend) you also need some smaller back/underneath dino protectors. In general I try to tame at least 2 carnotaurus and 3 allos for the full pack. Thanks for the tip, Giga will be a plan but for later on.
  5. Sorry, am new but also noticed similar behaviour on crossark servers. Metal and stone respawn but trees not. Base visible.
  6. Ive been playing Ark Crystal a month and must say saw Giga only once (my survivor too low level to even try approaching). I now have it on my list as was raided once with 1 giga (lv 60) which almost wiped managarmr (300+ lv) and 3 wyverns (250+ levels) so seems like a great dino to have on your side.
  7. Tnx Will prepare and try taming. Need to use behemoth gateways?
  8. Have tried to find and answer already (if exists I apologize in advance - newbie) but haven't found info do CrossArk server get wiped or not (some are currently at 15000 days. I started playing on one with day 7000+ and it is nearly impossible to "get on your feet" and even survive without being raided at least every 2 days by high level players. Seems a huge disadvantage to newbies.
  9. 1000 narcs? no comment. Gigas in wild are always low level (as titans)?
  10. Have some issues with specific players on Crystal Isles map. Have played only 20 days till now and within that time got raided at least 15 times and always by 100+ levels with Managarms 300+ lvls, lost 100+ dinos and always started hiding from na new location. Some higher level players sometimes helped but the majority stayed aside. One time most correct player arrived to base, destroyed dino gates and walked from behind and killed my survivor. And left. Like a gentleman. If a player joins the server after 7000 days in reality has no chance to survive except a fair approach by exis
  11. Jump on campfire or burn with torch.
  12. Pesonally I've attacked it and lured away far enough, when out of sight just continues in the new area.
  13. As I also haven't tried to get a Giga, would a hanging from Argy with a friend fying be possible for shooting? For quetz managed to get it to work.
  14. HI all. Am new to ARK, have been playing PVP for about a month. Game is excellent, really broad possiblities ingame (dinos, crafting etc.) and a dynamic environment. Really surprised me of the content available. Learning PVP the hard way, by getting raided daily.
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