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  1. agreed, i also think they will not improve. however it is possible that they could. im just trying to be optimistic and tell them to shape up. (though they prob wont listen anyway)
  2. unfortunaately youre probably right. however with vin diesel on board and everything going on with the studio, im hoping that they somehow get their poop together and putout a game with no major bugs and better firewalls that a normal person could play. i mean honestly, the hardest part about ark wasnt the grinding, it was not knowing if you could get into your server, or playing without things (rocks, trees, literally everything outside of a radius from your character including the bigass mountain pillars in scorched earth) loading in after a certain distance traveled or just going invisible
  3. a submersible that functions as a small mobile underwater base. obviously it would take alot to make, and possibly make a larger docking bay necessary but the possibility for creativity is endless. there could be a autodocking system for a larger structure to connect to a stationary base, a smaller submersible, drones, mines, and the thing could be piloted by a small crew (like gunner seats, torpedoes, comms, driver, repairs?) possibly a tethered diver suit too. this would be vaguely similar to subnauticas cyclops sub, but theres obviously alot you could do to make it better or change it
  4. iron out all the bugs on regular (walmart brand or something a normal person could have) computers then stress test them with bots. not the high end gaming PC's. dont release ark 2 until its DONE. (dlc not included, obviously, but fr all of the bugs you guys have is ridiculous. they make the game unplayable and thus unenjoyable..) for instance, there was a BIG bug last update that made cryopods unusable for anyone on PC without immediately crashing their game, which in turn essentially locked them out of EVERY dino they had in a pod, which is usually most of them. imagine playing fo
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