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  1. so ark 2 is more primiive?????? im sorry what??????? so ur gonna give us less stuff than ark 1????? ur basicly just gonna rerelease ark one with slightly better graphics but 70% of the content ripped out????? i dont want another rip off cash grab like that pirate game bullpoop u made......if ark 2 AT THE VERY LEAST doesnt have everything ark 1 has then why on earth would i want to buy it.......
  2. this is still happening after update...everything is going to die....... no one can log in
  3. something in gen2 judging from the report........ the only thing gen 2 in my base is the incubator an 2 tek canteens....... theres atleast 5 people so far that hav been trapped just by loading in near it an now we are all stuck
  4. iv had it man iv owned an played this game for years some of it good an some of it bad but its clear from the shear lack of comunication that u guy just simply dont care about the actual players anymore....... my server has been down now for over a day.... upon checking others it seems atleast 10 to 15 other servers have also all went down at same time...... NOT ONE SINGLE RESPONSE IN OVER A DAY your report system is a joke....... and upon looking threw the forums it seems u pretty much abandoned them a long ass time ago..... you only post "updates" but rarly do u give responses to problem or
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