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  1. any chance of getting a fix on mission so that the server dont crash and that we can tame the astro dolphis
  2. am in the netherland so it sounds like same time altho i dont know
  3. witch time does it come out ore is it delayed again
  4. lol i like the idea of a a ark 2 only if the devs actualy fix issues as well
  5. lol they cant get there issues solved with the main game yet they bring in a Dino and map made by a molder because molders doe a better job then Dev's
  6. is there a forum that i can ask questions about animals can somebody link it to me
  7. I have a question for the development team evolved ark sevival There may be a possibility that your piece in the mountains you dig and you can do your own cave build is just an idea
  8. hi i waned to ask is there gonna be a Halloween element in the game this year like it hade last year
  9. i think that it was some body els hacked my acc because i didn't ask after you replayed the first awser sorry that this happened it will not happen again
  10. HI guys can some one tell me if primitive plus can me combined with mods because i have the mod extra primitive and medieval structures an i need to make a bag off concrete with the medieval structures
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