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  1. Thank you for finding this. I think this is exactly what is happening. It looks like mine haven't died because the age difference between my maps is not large enough. It probably is impacting 100% of the dinos I am doing this with, but maybe I just did not notice the extra xp on the high level dinos. 100k xp to a new tame is obvious. 100k xp to a tame that already has 70 tamed levels is not as noticeable. I appreciate your help.
  2. Thank you both for the replies. @sjskdjkfa yes I am aware of passive xp from cryo's and what I am seeing is definitely different. What I am seeing is happening in just a few mins, putting the dino in the cryo, put it in the terminal, switch maps, and take it out. Not long enough for that much boost. @invincibleqc that makes sense. Thanks. That could definitely be it as my Rag and Island maps are 200-300+ in game days old, when SE was probably less than 50 when I beat the map lol 2 questions: 1. The xp boost hasn't happened with every dino that I have moved between servers. Any thoug
  3. Has anyone else seen this issue? I tried searching for other reports of this but haven't seen any. Wanted to check if this was a known issue before submitting a bug report. I play single player (Epic games/no mods). I have had issues transferring dino's with terminals between maps crashing the game, so I started always moving dinos with cryopods. Sometimes when I uncryo a dino after transferring it between maps it gets a huge XP boost, ~80k-100k xp. It does not happen 100% of the time, but I have had this happen with 10-15 different dinos now. I believe each time it has happened it
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