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  1. Been running my own server and was wondering if the “SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier” Code affects the quality of the Loot you get from completing Genesis 1 Missions or if there is another code to modify that?
  2. Yeah I definitely wanna try and tame it in the Lunar Biome but trapping it and using cheats just gotta figure out how to do it
  3. So I run an unofficial Server on the map Genesis 1 and want to add Voidwyrms to the Lunar Biome but I heard something about them not being Tameable on other Maps, is that true because I’ve seen something about they can only be tamed in space but the Lunar Biome is Space.
  4. Yeah I had that feeling too, would have been easier to do a Game ini file in single player instead of constantly shutting down the server and starting it back up to test the names of the Tek Creatures. Nobody would happen to know what the Tek Creatures code names are for their DinoDropInventory?
  5. Actually yeah this is a big help, thank you but now I’m actually just trying to figure out the names of these Tek Dinos to insert into the code so the “Carnivore_Bionic_Raptor” should help but does anyone know for sure exactly the Code name of these Tek Dinos I know they are somewhat different from their regular code names. Also I’m on Xbox and am I able to edit a Game INI file for Single Player or is that just on PC?
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to modify the Dino Drop Inventory for the Tek Dinos, I’m trying to get them to drop Mutagel in Genesis Part 1
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