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  1. yeah i feel likes loot drops isnt a good supply of amber. Before the update I was getting 20+ amber a day watching ads but since the new update I have only gotten gotten 3 amber and the three I got was from a free gift! I always open loot drops but I play on pvp and I dont want to fly all over the map worrying about other people attacking just to get amber. Right before the new update I was completely wiped by a huge alliance so I haven't been getting as many drops as I do not have a flyer yet.
  2. Just a quick question, are thylaceo being added to ark mobile? They are pretty sick and a nice mount and I really want them to be added.
  3. After the newest update and the removal of ads i'm stuck wondering how i'm supposed to get ancient amber. I don't want to, and haven't spent my money on the game and do not have the primal pass. Is there a way that is not completely based on luck to get ancient amber after the new update? I know you can get it from drops and from free gifts but that is completely luck based and doesn't seem like a very reliable way of getting mass amounts of ancient amber.
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