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  1. Really need an EU player for our tribe's downtime. No worries you will have people to play on your uptime. Have all maps, be a "pro" pvp / farmer. Looking for someone w/ experience. Be chill 8+hrs a day add my discord and dm me pls. @kupalogz#0234
  2. Add me when you both can we need 2 more. @kupalogz#0234
  3. Please have all maps or MOOOST of it. Willing to take new players & teach them tips, game/map knowledge to get ahead. Not strict at all however be Competitive in PVP. Be mature, talk mainly about the game & the game only. No rude or negative behavior pls... I just had to put that in there. Working to get established, have big allies in different servers. PAYING NO TAX. Hit me up on discord @ kupalogz#0234
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