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  1. Hello there. I just uncryopoded my crystal wyverns a week after transfer, and they all have mating timer. I am 100% sure i uncryopoded them right after transfer and packed back to cryopod, to make sure i wont have this issue, as this is already second time this happened to me. The question is - how to make sure, mating timer is counting after transfer for cryopoded tames.
  2. Yes lags are annoying. With that you cant do nothing. Spawns with being trapped happens, but believe me, if you report this case it will get fixed and their base will be most likely wiped at all, or demolished by half. Blocked obs? You know how customer support deal with it? Single command destroying every double structure of this tribe. Means not only structutes at the obelisk, but every single pillar with ladder on whole map, every single gate and tek gate set. It s for big bases tons to rebuild. They will for sure consider doing it again. Ofc if we are talking about PVE server.
  3. I disagree with pillars everywhere on PVE. Sure, there is tons of them, but there is tons of free spots as well. I started on the Island. Took me a while to find spot for me at beginning. I would say like 2 hours. first i managed to pillar little piece of beach. After a very short while of exploring, i figured out that right on the other side of cliff which i lived under, there is tons of unpillared space. Of course i pillared it too and felt already safe with having big enough spot. After some days on ark, i realized, where i live there is lack of resources. I had to tr
  4. Second suggestion is just wonderfull. I just started to waste resources first to build with thatch, and than replace it, to see if what i want to build fit in the position.
  5. Hello there. I just suggested a solution for this. Would like to know what do you and others think about it. Catch it here
  6. Dino strafing exist, you can do it by pressing "K" on the keyboars on PC. However dino will be stucked in direction, which you was looking at before pressing the key. I dont know what is the key for other platforms. Obelisk have already an option to transfer between arks, so i am not sure if i understand you right.
  7. It shall be introduced already in gen 2 for testing, but i believe you mind it already for ark 2 game. If you not, therefore i am applying this suggestion. I suggest to place preset base spots across the map, some large spots, and more small spots. Large spots could have about - 100L / 100W / 50H - foundations size. While small spots 20 / 20 / 10. Single copy of game should be able to claim whole spots by placing single structure piece on it, or some kind of flag. Players shall be able to claim only one large spot, and by progressing unlock small spots possibility. I sug
  8. I understand you have 12k hours played, and feel forced to move to another world, where everybody, you, your friends, even your noob neighbourhood got to start from nothing with chance to get better result than you
  9. Ever had a base in location far away from deep water? Wanted to breed or just expose your water tames? No problem, you just got to build another base in another location. However, here come tek water cube. Huge aquarium in which you can easily breed your water tames inside your base! You just gotta bring enough water to fulfill it or connect water pipes to let water flow into, and you are set!
  10. Its amazing idea, but i just imagined 20 ankies on one metal node, each one from other tribe fighting on which one will swing faster Other thing i imagined is mega tribe with tame limit ankies on all possible metal nodes, not allowing others to harvest metal. May be very problematic change.
  11. Thanks for answer. My PC is not a monster, but so far was able to play every desired game on highest settings without drops, so shall be fine. And i meant i am playing solo, not single player. (without other people in tribe) And thats why i need second account. So if i travel to another server, and this server crash, i can have another character on my main server to take care for example on raising dino babies. Otherwise my main character will be stuck on crashed server, while on my main server babies will be starving. It may be very annoying
  12. Thank you for your answer. However it still didnt answer my essential question I am playing currently on steam. So if i purchase ark on epic games as well, on other account, would i be able to turn on 2 instances of the game on one computer machine?
  13. Hello there. As ark servers have problems with stability and i play solo, i am wondering if this is legal to play on 2 ark accounts on one PC. I am often affraid about ark transfers, as i dont know if i will make it back home to take care of my other tames if server i transfered into get crashed. Would be nice if i can have emergency character in my tribe to feel secured. Also have anyone tried to run one ark isntance through steam, and another one through epic games? Happy weekend all.
  14. Thats nice answer! I didnt think about parachutes
  15. In redwood there are thylacoleos jumping on you from the trees. In other locations and maps there are other dangers requiring armor. So being with armor is not pointless even if you have amazing tame. Except if you gonna sit full time on tame such as trex which is not getting aggro from other creatures, not sure if it works for thylacoleo jump tho.
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