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  1. I've been searching around for a while, and haven't found a definitive answer on this. I've been on a server before (rented through I believe Nitrado?) where they had an infinite upload limit when it came to items. You could upload items to your heart's content via a terminal, drop, or transmitter. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it though on my cluster. We can rule out mods because S+ was the only one. Unfortunately, I'm not in contact with anyone from that server or else I could just ask them how they were able to perform this sorcery, so any insigh
  2. For anyone still having this issue with Host Havoc, submit another ticket. For me, the issue is resolved. There was a problem with how they were clustering servers, so they implemented a new way, and it solved the disappearance of uploading/uploaded items for the servers in my cluster.
  3. Just here to say I'm having the same problem with my cluster, also using Host Havoc. Everything in ARK Data disappears randomly when adding/removing items.
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