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  1. I have been on abb since the start and the surface was the place for rock drake saddles. Now I only find them in the element vault and the drop right outside the cave in the little pillars. The drops in that video are were I go and have never found a different spot in the cave where a drop spawns. I do always go and take the artifact which seems to make a drop spawn when there isn't any but I find I have to leave the cave and return for this to happen. My guess is there is about a 30 min timer between drops spawning. Good luck since in 3 years I only found 25 or so with only maybe 5 being goo
  2. I finally got all the genesis chronicles. I spent many hours on this and ended up using a rock drake because of the fast dismount. Step 1 - I would clear the area of dinos where the chronicle triggers but yet I don't receive it. Step 2 - I dismount drake and quit the game. Step 3 - I log back into the game and get on the drake to trigger the chronicle again and then immediately dismount the drake which for some reason give me the chronicle. This doesn't always work but it usually worked in a few tries. This technique worked on the Hlna discoveries as well. I hope this works for everyone to com
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