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    Region locking

    Please for the love of god, if you do anything good at all for Ark 2, please have region locking so Chinese players, european players, South American players, North American players etc, can only join servers meant for them. These box tribes, mostly Chinese players, are horribly toxic on PvE servers. Griefing and pillaring is out of control. Sometimes they switch to English language characters and say racist things against Americans and latinos. We cannot report them because all we see if [][][][][][][][][][] for their name and tribe. During the night time, global chat is spammed with con
  2. TheIsland736 Crash after crash after crash after crash after crash......for past hour+. It seems to more of a connectivity issue to the server rather than a server crash since there has been no rollbacks. This problem has been WIDESPREAD among 736 players.
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