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  1. My psn is Dreadful-Agent, im 30 years old. I've been playing mostly solo for 5 months and I need a tribe to do boss fights and OSD drops. I have my own tames and im currently breeding solo and it would be nice to have a group to play with. I was in a large tribe that got raided and then everyone went there seperate ways.
  2. Im looking to join your tribe. Im a very intence grinder and I can help with anything. I want to boss fights and do OSD drops. 1. Dreadful-Agent 2. 30 3. 5 months intensively. 4. 104 5. Building and breeding.
  3. Im 30 years old, I play regularly im lvl 101 and im not naked. I can hold my own in pvp and I can grind like a mofo. I want to do boss fights.
  4. Age:30 Lvl:101 Timezone: uk gmt Im looking for people to help / help me grind and im looking to raise wyverns somewhere safely. And I really want to do boss fights. Im on for 3-5 hours a day and I can bring my speed in which I can grind for materials and craft traps and bases very quickly. I never had a real tribe yet.
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