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  1. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    I think it had to do with this article if I were to guess, not that players ever read whats in them. Just seeing the title anywhere online then words start to spread fast, doesn't matter if its relevant to the story posted or not. Just mentioning something like this gets everyone worked up. Tell one person a story, have that story travel person by person and you'll get a brand new story. - The mysteries of the internet at its best...
  2. The quote below is taken from the wiki, tamed pets share the same timer with the wood structures. "4 days for thatch/small utility structures, 8 days days for wood, 12 days for stone, 16 days for metal, tek for 35 days." I'll also add with this, 5 days for greenhouse. These timers only apply mostly to official servers. The patch they did applies towards people claiming tames that expire. (before they would expire if no one was in range, if someone was in range they could be claimed and someone else could use them, then rest would delete themselves once that person left if they were not claimed) If your not seeing this happen on your personally owned pve server then change these settings to false in your GameUserSettings.ini if you want them. DisableDinoDecayPvE=true DisableStructureDecayPvE=true
  3. what is a most useless item in ark

    Slingshot... They nerfed it twice cause of how good it was VS other players ... Made it completely useless as a early game taming tool. Radio - Why? it doesn't even work like you would logically think it would... Compass, waste of time... Gun attachments... If you could use any scope with tranqs darts then I wouldn't be saying this for the attachments...
  4. How useful are the early game guns?

    After a few months in this game I stopped using the guns for combat vs non-boss wildlife, for me it was just a waste of materials to make the ammo for the weapons. Havnt used the early game guns since and its been years now.. Once they added scorched earth then I started using the flame arrows and loved them, two shots killed everything, 3-4 to kill a rex. I will take a pump-action shotgun or assault rifle into caves occasionally, but rarely use them. Little bit off topic... try the flamethrowers once, they are a joke and cant hit anything, try taking one into swamp cave, odds are you'll miss all the insects
  5. Pokemon mod official for switch

    From what I remember the pokemon mod was slapped with a dmca but it was dmca'd by another ark mod maker or a nintendo competitor, not the pokemon company... and not nintendo itself. The dmca was reversed. The monster hunter mod though got hit hard from a real dmca. Either way, nintendo would never allow a non-pc platform to have pokemon stuff on it where it sells its own products, pc can sorta get away from it cause games have non profit unofficial mods and they don't directly compete there. Once something starts competing in the same platform though then issues arise... Also a pokemon game could be coming to the switch too.. Here is a article from yesterday.
  6. Blocked Oblesks Cant do anything

    Honestly All the obelisks need to be redone on the island map, there is no room for more then one tribe to park by them, this should of been done long ago when they made us teleport to the bosses (before in early days it was just summoning the boss to us at obelisks, they didn't need parking room). It was slightly better when we could build by them like we could on legacy as dedicated players could create massive platforms for multiple tribes to park around the terminals. Now however its just a total mess of tames or in rarer cases people abusing/blocking them. I mean if red and green had all that water removed, and the ground leveled out between the pillars/terminal, then enclosed a little for safety like a natural enclosed sloped crater around it where people could park on the hillsides of crater, you could fit most of the bossfight ready tribes for the entire server at one obelisk...
  7. BUILDING IS BROKEN after patch 263

    Posted this on reddit a few days ago and it was the 2nd most popular ark post there for one solid day.. Top post was a naked guy sitting on a alligator...
  8. Self raising dinos

    Beavers will do it, they can collect enough berries to keep themselves fed, assuming you have a safe place for them to wander with a lot of bushes. My neighbors on a SE legacy server used to do this all the time before server was closed.
  9. What's your main land mount?

    Wyvern... I use this about 30% of the time while on land, rest of the time would be therizinos, ankys or my doed. Love wasting time on my frog though hopping around our tribemates...
  10. questions regarding post-tame stats

    That is only true for birds. Aquatic life for example gets the worst of it with wasting both speed and oxygen points. What the wiki means is the tames don't count the points that ark gives to their speed stats, this has always been the case. I'll post a example below of my rex stats that I have raised in the new official servers, level 224, using dododex as a cross reference. If speed Points didn't exist all of a sudden then all tames would loose levels and people would have no idea why, and we would see a solid 3 months of posts like we did after the flyer nerf with people not understanding new levels
  11. questions regarding post-tame stats

    Use this website, this will show you the exact amount of bonus levels based on your rates. using your example of a spino, on 1x rates, You would have a level 220 spino using kibble (219 levels that could possibly be anywhere) You would have a level 152 spino using raw fish meat (only 151 levels) Regarding land tames, most levels are wasted in speed and don't count, so you can mentally remove 20-40 of the fake levels from the numbers above. They still count for end shown level, but do nothing. (now I'm just guessing here, so you can ignore this if you want, I think I'm right but this starts getting complicated and its easy to screw up :P) Now ark increases stats differently between wild level up and tamed levelups Base damage is what we will look at, Levels in wild melee determine the ending base damage. Lets say your spino starts with 300 melee after its tamed... Now this is 40 levels in that stat, Each tamed point in melee adds 1.7% on top that 300 stat, so if you add lets say 30 levels that would be +51% of that 300 number, so you would end up with 453 melee after putting 30 points into that stat.
  12. Something happened

    I might be a few hours late mentioning this as I just started reading all the replies here, but It was around 6pm-7pm central time when players were kicked from the servers if that helps any. This can be partly verified by looking at the battlemetrics pages for the servers also.
  13. Unfortunately nothing, Not home from Saturday noon to Sunday noon, missed the stream and event. The times I was able to play the servers were at dino cap or had insane ping or they were full and were not worth joining.
  14. Opinions on Nitrado servers

    They might be good on xbox with different server hardware and all that, not really a fan of them on pc since a good chunk of arks officials are hosted by them and the unofficial servers randomly get weird lag issues on weekends. I joke around and call it the bleedthrough effect... Haven't used them this year though, so they might be better then they once were.
  15. List of Tame Capped Servers - Please Post

    November 2nd we hit the dino cap. (The number 20 ranked server in all of the arks) NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland82