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  1. Part of its ability is to join a servers query port in a web browser, server admins use it for players to direct join their servers when they advertise Default Port examples: Steam joins this in server menus: From a browser you could paste this instead of doing the above method, it starts your steam client and joins directly to the map using the query port: steam://connect/ And yea that's what it does, or at least one feature anyway.
  2. Can confirm what others are saying about raw sockets, I can now join 8 of the servers I help host after restarting them.
  3. Hi everyone, we're looking to build a community for our ark servers "ReformedGames". Right now we do not have many members as we are only a month old, so we're looking to grow. We are a US based server, but welcome anyone from anywhere. I will be handling most of the server management so any questions can be directed to me on discord or on steam. To keep the vanilla feel as much as possible we wont be running many mods. Maps currently running are: Crystal Isles, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Valguero, The Center, Ragnarok, Island and extinction. None of our staff owns genesis at this time so we
  4. Flier nerf bothered me to the point where I quit using them, now days its been so long ago I just don't care anymore. Of all the nerfs however there is one that I cant help but point at and ask.. Really? You really did this? It was the slingshot nerf. They applied TWO nerfs to the slingshot because it was overpowered in pvp servers as players would use them on each other. They slowed down the fire rate and reduced the torpor it dealt by 25%... on everything. Slingshots were awful before but people still used them for taming, my first tame ever in a ark server was a trike with a slingsh
  5. The metal tier glass parts and the device that incubates the eggs are all I really want these days... Game is too glitchy to trust things hatching on their own (creatures falling through floors when no players in range). And 30 seconds btw is a disappointment, objects in ark might move if something collides with them (bigger the object the more likely it happens), player jumping towards a fabricator for example might permanently move it a little or change its angle... thus needing to demolish and replace it... yea some of us are ocd here It gets expensive after awhile.
  6. The bug report thread could use one other option for the types of issues, "exploits", otherwise its looking good so far.
  7. Rotational spawns - Spawns from all the dlcs replace random spawns on all maps running this type of gamemode, different spawns each day Tek world - All tek structures/items are already learned, all creatures on the map drop element Auto learn engrams servers- A server where people don't need to spend our engram points... Structure blueprints are removed from all supply drops, drops are randomized, Dlc materials are obtained from drops, Dlc engrams are adjusted to use the materials from the map currently running this gamemode.
  8. A few workarounds to combat the players with the argument of resource protection (pillars) could be one of the following: 1. Lower the Suppress Replenish Radius structures value down by 80% - Thus allowing people to build next to unprotected nodes. - or 2. This can be further changed by making metal/crystal/obsidian not effected at all by structures... - 3. Beaver dams, that picture you have above is a beaver protection setup, Add more beaver spawns to the rivers and swamps around the map, randomize them, disperse them, and while your at it, changing the way the dams work too as it w
  9. No mention of arks birthday? @Jatheish (I'll assume that is what the maturation event is for ?)
  10. More Random ideas: 1. Hostile environment servers, force the entire map to through extreme temperature changes, these changes after its too cold or too hot will effect wildlife and reverse their personalities. Rex/gigas wont want to bother with you when its freezing and parasaurs/brontos (just random examples) will go berserk destroying players and any unfortunate buildings in their way... 2. Holiday servers, Servers that alternate between every holiday in ark each week with no disappearing of holiday structures. 3. Land of the dodos, dodos and only dodos will spawn in at random sizes in
  11. This is more of a advanced idea: Gamemode servers: Servers that players can bring their tames to and compete vs other players in a battlefront style mini game, (runescapes castlewars or the original starwars battlefront can be used as comparison examples) any tames we bring to these will not be lost, players can earn credit from these games if they win or do well and trade items in at the obelisks to send back to their other servers. These gamemode servers can be used as a way to bring new life back into pve, while also giving pvp a chance to have friendly anonymous combat for their server
  12. Beavers eating fish in that intro video? .... heh it sorta looks a port with no research put into what they have from just seeing that Looks promising though, now I just wish I could afford a vr headset.
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