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  1. Cataclisto

    2x Event cucked me

    Some players will go as far as killing their tames if they don't get 100%, its a extra stat and imprinting % they missed out on from imprinting. Though that is more the ocd maniacs.
  2. The bug report thread could use one other option for the types of issues, "exploits", otherwise its looking good so far.
  3. Cataclisto

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Rotational spawns - Spawns from all the dlcs replace random spawns on all maps running this type of gamemode, different spawns each day Tek world - All tek structures/items are already learned, all creatures on the map drop element Auto learn engrams servers- A server where people don't need to spend our engram points... Structure blueprints are removed from all supply drops, drops are randomized, Dlc materials are obtained from drops, Dlc engrams are adjusted to use the materials from the map currently running this gamemode.
  4. Cataclisto

    Structure Decay Changes

    We were paranoid that our bronto defense would crumble, pillars about 5 tall on a single fence foundation not snapped to others... The pillars lived... for now A safeguard should be added if any pillar change is made, say if they belong to a tribe, and tribe has tames and large structures in area the pillars will "not" be removed
  5. A few workarounds to combat the players with the argument of resource protection (pillars) could be one of the following: 1. Lower the Suppress Replenish Radius structures value down by 80% - Thus allowing people to build next to unprotected nodes. - or 2. This can be further changed by making metal/crystal/obsidian not effected at all by structures... - 3. Beaver dams, that picture you have above is a beaver protection setup, Add more beaver spawns to the rivers and swamps around the map, randomize them, disperse them, and while your at it, changing the way the dams work too as it would be great since people never clean their messes of paste free dams... Changing the way beavers spawn can help too, make it so if theirs enough water for a beaver to fit that it can spawn instead of being affected by structures. - 4. Pillars are also used for player pathing (players pillar beaches so others dont block travel access), This could be offset by Adding more trails into the beach cliffs or making a 5 wide no build zone right next to the water shores on pve (so players can travel with tames that are giga/bronto size) - 5 . After a structure gets so large, say anything past 16x16x16, quadruple its build protection radius (if nothings in range), once a tribe has something this big they don't want neighbors as they cant expand. - PS: I hate pillars that are "not" used for what I've mentioned above, Ive seen people sell/buy land in the past on official servers for real life money back in my legacy days, not so much anymore but you still hear about it sometimes. (Its the worst when new maps are released). I've seen pillars used to make people leave areas or servers (it happened to me twice, though I was a bit more stubborn and held out for a month on my home server, couldn't combat it when the center was new though, never was able to play there) I seriously just spent the past hour typing this?... right... time to go... Edit: Color code our structures or something that your going to make decay, lots of people are going to be clueless without a visual indicator, will also allow us to find possible flaws in the code that's used to do this. (major example: structures that shouldn't demolish)
  6. Maybe they will release it tomorrow? Their greatest dlc they made to date released on arks 3rd birthday? Actually wait... I think I'm delusional too... This is wc we're talking about isn't it... Nvm...
  7. No mention of arks birthday? @Jatheish (I'll assume that is what the maturation event is for 😛)
  8. Cataclisto

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    More Random ideas: 1. Hostile environment servers, force the entire map to through extreme temperature changes, these changes after its too cold or too hot will effect wildlife and reverse their personalities. Rex/gigas wont want to bother with you when its freezing and parasaurs/brontos (just random examples) will go berserk destroying players and any unfortunate buildings in their way... 2. Holiday servers, Servers that alternate between every holiday in ark each week with no disappearing of holiday structures. 3. Land of the dodos, dodos and only dodos will spawn in at random sizes in the server and chase players everywhere...
  9. Cataclisto

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    This is more of a advanced idea: Gamemode servers: Servers that players can bring their tames to and compete vs other players in a battlefront style mini game, (runescapes castlewars or the original starwars battlefront can be used as comparison examples) any tames we bring to these will not be lost, players can earn credit from these games if they win or do well and trade items in at the obelisks to send back to their other servers. These gamemode servers can be used as a way to bring new life back into pve, while also giving pvp a chance to have friendly anonymous combat for their servers too. Things the servers could have would be things like, hide and seek (find a rare spawn on the island and be first to knock it out with tools provided and keep it, no fliers allowed), Hidden Treasure (find a hidden object on the map), Free-for-All (randomized combat that allows tames of certain levels for other players to fight other players) or team battlefront (players that fight with their tames vs another team with their tames, tame levels restricted of coarse to keep things balanced) If players don't have their own tame they can get a rental, aka a randomly generated one to use, these can also be alternatives for the battle modes of players using only whats provided.
  10. I bought and hatched a egg a long time ago from someone back in legacy when I used to play it, this was the picture for him. Don't have anything close to this yet on the non-legacy servers...
  11. Cataclisto

    ARK Park VR Released on Steam and PSVR!

    Beavers eating fish in that intro video? .... heh it sorta looks a port with no research put into what they have from just seeing that Looks promising though, now I just wish I could afford a vr headset.
  12. Cataclisto

    what to level on non melee animals?

    Since its not mentioned here yet, when you harvest ovis its nice when they have more hp, more meat can be gathered when you kill them. Ohh and the otter... Level melee damage on them, more melee= more insulation when they are wrapped around your neck.
  13. Cataclisto

    Max tamed points you have seen?

    That explains a few things, Ive actually never scrolled down in dododex past the advertisements in the few years I've used it, guess I've become too used to always typing the exact stats and not points ... going to need fix that other comment I put above now once I find a proper calculator. Sorry about that everyone.
  14. Cataclisto

    How difficult is hard broodmother

    In legacy we took a group of 20 rex, averaged around level 240 hatched, and had apprentice saddles on them. Took 3 min for it to be a total wipe and we lost everything, I think the stats of broad have been changed some since then, but this should give you a idea on the need for better saddles. (possible suggestion, you can use megatheriums, they get a bonus vs spiders) https://ark.gamepedia.com/Megatherium
  15. All I want for Christmas is a Christmas event that isn't during Christmas. Christmas in July, I'll take that (Not home for three months starting mid December each year)