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  1. I bought and hatched a egg a long time ago from someone back in legacy when I used to play it, this was the picture for him. Don't have anything close to this yet on the non-legacy servers...
  2. Right now the servers are in a panic about the tame slots in the servers (due to Easter event some official servers reached the tame limit within a few hours after event started yesterday) and the issue has brought up mass confusion about the "server" tame slots that the rafts and platform saddles have... Here are the questions: How many server tame slots does each raft take up? (Each raft takes up 1 tame slot within the tribe but multiple people on servers are saying it takes 19 total "server" slots once built on) How many server tame slots does each platform saddle with a structure on it take up? (they take up 19 slots in the tribe, but how many for the whole server? Thought it was none?) How many total tame slots are the "official" servers currently capped at? I cant find this number anywhere yet within comments for the recent years, was 5000 in august 2015. Wouldn't mind some clarification on this so we can link people to the answers for these questions. @[email protected] or anyone else that may know about the answers...
  3. To direct connect to a server go to steam, then from the menus at the top click on view then favorites tab, (assuming you have the server in you favorites) you can also add server ips here to your favorites too without looking for it in-game) Once you find your server you can highlight its name or ip (normally shows ip when offline), then click connect, this will start your ark, give you a conformation that your attempting to direct join, press accept then wait 10-40 seconds and you will start loading server. I'll assume this is the server you want? pvp? Says its offline, the ip for it is
  4. Dino calls/whistles not working??

    Yea I forgot to add that to my comment above, sorry, (ty Onimusha) Press 0 on your numberpad to cancel this yourself, when it says tame ordering group [none] above your hotbar that means your no longer set to commanding a specific group and the whistles should work again for everyone.
  5. Dino calls/whistles not working??

    Ark has whistle "groups" which makes it easy to accidentally change the group of something, if a tame is in a specific group this will make it ignore all group whistles unless you have yourself set to whistle them, Hold E on your tame, then click modify ordering groups then select "remove tame from all groups" doing this might allow your tame to listen again.
  6. ARK Park VR Released on Steam and PSVR!

    Beavers eating fish in that intro video? .... heh it sorta looks a port with no research put into what they have from just seeing that Looks promising though, now I just wish I could afford a vr headset.
  7. what to level on non melee animals?

    Since its not mentioned here yet, when you harvest ovis its nice when they have more hp, more meat can be gathered when you kill them. Ohh and the otter... Level melee damage on them, more melee= more insulation when they are wrapped around your neck.
  8. Max tamed points you have seen?

    That explains a few things, Ive actually never scrolled down in dododex past the advertisements in the few years I've used it, guess I've become too used to always typing the exact stats and not points ... going to need fix that other comment I put above now once I find a proper calculator. Sorry about that everyone.
  9. How difficult is hard broodmother

    In legacy we took a group of 20 rex, averaged around level 240 hatched, and had apprentice saddles on them. Took 3 min for it to be a total wipe and we lost everything, I think the stats of broad have been changed some since then, but this should give you a idea on the need for better saddles. (possible suggestion, you can use megatheriums, they get a bonus vs spiders)
  10. All I want for Christmas is a Christmas event that isn't during Christmas. Christmas in July, I'll take that (Not home for three months starting mid December each year)
  11. Vulture or Dimorphodon

    Both are good and similiar in stats, dimorphodon has the edge in spent stats however and better ai. Vulture is easy to raise eating only spoiled meat so they are easy to replace. raw power use dimorphs, easy to replace use vultures, its more personal choice here. Or do both as one can raise the other with spoiled meat
  12. Water pipes and property

    On SE we used to tell people they could build off of our pipes in the air when they made a house under our pipes. (had a waterpipe from river go across half the map in a straight line) They snapped to ours no problem. (on se players cant use the wells in pve for water pipes) Building into one persons base with your pipes however is considered a griefing method by some, players place hundreds of pipes in others bases/walls, not exactly a nice thing to do.
  13. Max tamed points you have seen?

    The highest stats overall I have seen on freshly tamed/ non mutated hatches tames are This year - new servers (screenshot is a mix between two of our tames, no mutations but it will give you a idea on the stats) 49 points in melee on a rex (original rex the stat was from was tamed by someone on server 82, we bought one of their eggs, but some people have stats that are higher now then this) Legacy servers - (dont have pictures anymore, left legacy for new servers) 55 hidden speed points on a bronto... I wasn't happy with the useless bronto with no proper stats (speed points are not counted) Most of the other values of the bronto was in the 20's for points, This is mostly a guess, that number might be off by a few points, hard remembering stats when I killed off the tames back when servers were wiped on legacy the first time. Had a penguin with a lot of food but I cant remember its ballpark stats for exact points, I kept penguins around for a joke as it was something that people said I had too much time on my hands breeding them, never did have a pair for the food penguin... --- And birds that can be ridden pretty much out compete everything since you get a extra 40-60 levels now in random places with speed stats blocked on them. 60 points in one of their stats are not as rare anymore with a entire stat removed from its math. So overall, the highest I've seen is the 40-60 point range on official servers, however these by themselves are trash as the other levels get really bad the higher one specific stat is, only for breeding if its a usable stat. I should also mention, been playing ark officials since october 2015, tamed around 4-6 tames total with the higher stats in the years Ive been playing, they are not common.... And still mistake prone for stats I guess. Post was fixed, didn't realize I was using wrong calculator (dododex instead of smartbreeding) Why does this game have such complicated math? Honestly we shouldn't need 3rd party calculators for stuff we use every day ingame.
  14. What ideas do you have for a TLC pass?

    Hmm, if they were going to do a tlc pass on our tames then I would personally like the following things (I might go a little beyond tlc here, fair warning): Stegos to have a better hitbox that stays on ramps. (let them sit on ramps overnight, most will know what I mean, normally the face ends up pointing down the wrong direction) Troodons to have a new taming method Dungbeetles passively make fertilizer from poop without the need to be on wander, they are bugged and die randomly/rarely when in a cage right now. Eels to be able to do some sort of combat when tamed Gigas and brontos saddles to be upgraded to do a Indiana jones style swing off of them if you hold a certain key when dismounting. Onycs that can be ridden and less of a screech for them Spider buff, the spiders sorta are a novelty thing right now. Ability to flip over turtles using tames such as a mammoth or a morrelatops New cry for the galli and better control for when its moving around Dillos, parasaurs, and other tames without kibble to have a generic kibble for taming them (some of us are perfectionists ) Dungbeetles to give their handler a buff that makes wildlife ignore the player cause they smell bad Oviraptors egg buff seperated from its wander Dodos defend other dodos that are attacked (anyone remember the early days when dodos attacked?) Onyc and phoenix able to land Saddle attachments for all tames, wouldnt mind putting blades on a parasaurs sides to make them useful in combat Better following ai for the oviraptors and dillos, its a nightmare right now, could atleast slow them down so they do not fly across the base. Ability to carry smaller water tames around the map out of water. Harvest ability for a diploducos Procoptodon that can become a boxing champion Tamed Baryonyx, pelagornis and otters able to eat meat... too much micromanagement with multiple food types. Smaller titanosaurs that we can actually keep in bases, Raid class dinos are last years news, not many care about them anymore... If it cant be a more realistic tame then at least remove them from the achievement requirement! Megalosaurus more useful during the day. more stamina for the ovis sheep Updated dossier for the argent to match its in game appearance... Tapejaras head crest to fold down when its not flying, for easier 3 high storage And Fix the baby rex bouncing if thats still a thing... OK that is my tlc wishlist right now
  15. Turret change discussion megathread

    This is just a guess, but maybe this could also be in preparation for adding the structures+ turrets? People think they might be overpowered, and since servers will have limited turrets now then these could be added for balancing.