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  1. Sorry for some reason it won't let me not quote you. PS 1479 still has problems. How long has it been? Over a month at least
  2. Try uploading and downloading your character. If that doesn't work may need to submit a ticket.
  3. Server 1479 pve is completely unplayable. First the server went down. Then ever since it's been back up I can't get on for more then half a second. The two times I have had it actually last I've made it back to my stuff twice just to be dropped from the server. Yes I did loose all my stuff and no I'm not happy.
  4. I went out in search of a female snow owl and event yuti. Did manage to get an owl. Wish she was a higher lvl but at least I can breed her just in case. Did find an event yuti but he was too close to the scar. Event or not there were too many dragons hanging around for my liking. After my snowy adventure I headed into the forest before getting a couple event tames. Unfortunately in the mist of feeding a pego stole my kibble. I wish I could've recovered some. After that mess I searched for beehives and ran into more pegos. Probably in a contest to see who could be the bigest jerk. Lightning greeted them. Looked for more beehives heading back but was unsuccessful. Went back to make morekibble and was going to go out on a metal run before the announcement put an hold on that.
  5. I can guess it's the event. Usually mine has lag and crashes at the most inconvenient times. Like coming back to my base after taming or going on a run.
  6. I agree. I'm also in a similar boat. I was diving for pearls. Think I lost everything. Also had babies out. I don't think my maewing had enough food for as long as this update's taking.
  7. I found a black pearl spawn not far from my base. Also lvld up my megs. Found an alpha near my base so I'm avoiding that direction. I was also raising babies who are probably dead by now because there was no warning about the server going down for a surprise update.
  8. I really wish they had breeding. I couldn't get on my server at all and missed when they had breeding.
  9. I had just finished taming a meg when it was suddenly destroyed by anti mesh. For some reason it was fine sitting in the same spot but as soon as I tamed it, gone. Oh, I was on Ragnarok. Iit was a bit to the north of where I'm looking. I'd say maybe 8 or so steps.
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