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  1. today as always a suffering to do things there ... go helpless to see that nothing is solved nor do they pay attention or control these things Please help us who live there, we can't go in, throw us all the time today
  2. Most of my friends have left this server, and there are very few assets left that we started on this server, in which section should I report? Why do one in exploitation abuse, I hope that serves or is the correct one, why do we just want this server to return to normality that others have
  3. Hello, I come here because every day I have less desire to continue, and the issue is that I play pve, and I work in extinction, but there are tribes that only come to clone, putting many cloners at the same time and They go, the server does not hold, a lot of lag, disconnections, even server crash, As much as I ask that they do not put so many it does not matter to them, they do not play on that server so it does not affect them,but I did, I started in ark when I was a beta, with thousands of bugs as usual, But now this problem is making each day that passes, I have less desire to continue here, I am going to put photos so that you can tell me if this is fair or normal, and if necessary, and it can be done something, do it once please. I have more captures, even when taking the photos, I shoot myself from the server, please help ...
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