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    I am so damn hyped for the new game coming out. I want to see all the new dinos and poop already! I can't believe that an ARK II is coming out. But I have one concern. The game right now isn't in too good of a state, being glitchy and buggy. Hopefully it will iron out with a brand new game in ARK II.
  2. What time, like not the date, I know it launches today, but what time does the event launch? It's currently 9:05 PM CEST. That's 3:05 PM EST. Anyone know?
  3. I wish ARK could give a discount, or a free key to people who've bought the game before... I've spent a lot on ARK, buying the XBOX and PS4 Edition, along with a lot of DLC. It just kind of sucks that I'll either have to wait a long time for another sale or buy the game full price, which I don't think I can do.
  4. The thing about mutations is, it's never guaranteed. It's all about luck and endurance.
  5. During this new easter event, I hope to buy ARK for my PC. I have it on PS4 and XBOX, and I'm wondering if there will be a sale? If anyone knows, please tell me, as I would love to purchase it for, you know, the third time.
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