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  1. I think it would be just a tad more unique if the gigantoraptor held the babies in its arms rather than via a saddle (maybe only have the option available once its saddled for balance etc.) Would be cool to see since the thing has huge arms as it is.
  2. Can you guys quit arguing about this?! Yes the Chalicotheriums are related to horses and have the faces of cows but, they also have the stance of a modern day gorilla so what's the point on arguing what it looks like and what its related to? The Rock Hyrax looks nothing like an elephant but is yet it is its closest living relative. So please stop arguing because I know that alot of people are probably pretty annoyed by now.
  3. I'm hoping that it doesn't overencumber the mount you latch onto but someone will probably whine about it being op so it'll likely overencumber mounts in the future
  4. I love it at the end when the t.dominium chases the group of terror birds off the cliff! It looks so derpy!
  5. I love the little spoiler clip!
  6. I really wish you could tame it but oh well I guess
  7. Xbone

    Dossier: Chalicotherium

    We wish, It probably won't come out for quite a while!
  8. If this thing is as common as brontosaurus are everyone and everything is screwed (Yes I know it said it was rare but giganotosaurus are also supposed to aswell but we all know that they aren't really very rare)
  9. Feathers, all of the yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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