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  1. so i've been using the 'tpcoords <lat> <lon> <alt>' command to instantly teleport to the genesis 2 chronicles in preparation for Genesis 2 on the 2nd; but on the 5 in genesis i teleported to the the biomes then teleported to the coords just in case the game crashes (it is console Ark after all), this obviously took longer than i hoped and i want to also get all the glitches, so i just wanted to ask if the 'tpcoords' works between the different biomes on genesis and if it crashes... or even if theres a quicker way to get the glitches, i've tried 'giveallexplorernotes' but that
  2. When it comes to Ark, I have been playing on Xbox since the beta but i am yet to find settings that I enjoy which results in me mainly playing in gcm plus using slomo to speed up timers. When playing I do breed and build; however i am also extremely impatient, plus i am doing my a levels at the moment which consumes most of my time, so i was wondering if anyone could recommend some settings which would highly boost breeding, stats, taming and resource distribution but is still balanced so that it's not overpowered relative to other aspects of the game. For reference Argent eggs normally hatch
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