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  1. Where are the event coloured reapers? For Abb? I have been pulling faithfully every 5hrs, lvls range 95 and up and I have gotten 3. No one else pulling has gotten any either.
  2. What’s going on with the tek sensors? They are not working at all.
  3. I have lost baby reapers due to taking radiation with my tek suit on. I have taken off and on before going to red zone and it still don’t make a difference. I’ve lost 3 event reaper this way :(
  4. Been waiting..... great fuel for these events. Bring on the Easter colours. Also want comment on new rules. I’ve been playing since I got the game, 4yrs. Never have I done anything against the rules. I’ve stayed away from that because of consequences and I love this game! I would need therapy if anything were to happen! I don’t agree with the fact that you would “dev wipe” a whole tribe for stupids ppls action of meshing. Not everyone is aware or players meshing and I kno ppl have been kicked from my tribe when it’s been found out. I didn’t work hard at the things I got for stupid pols a
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