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  1. Where are the event coloured reapers? For Abb? I have been pulling faithfully every 5hrs, lvls range 95 and up and I have gotten 3. No one else pulling has gotten any either.
  2. Been waiting..... great fuel for these events. Bring on the Easter colours. Also want comment on new rules. I’ve been playing since I got the game, 4yrs. Never have I done anything against the rules. I’ve stayed away from that because of consequences and I love this game! I would need therapy if anything were to happen! I don’t agree with the fact that you would “dev wipe” a whole tribe for stupids ppls action of meshing. Not everyone is aware or players meshing and I kno ppl have been kicked from my tribe when it’s been found out. I didn’t work hard at the things I got for stupid pols a
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