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  1. After far too many hours in game, my efforts have at last come to fruition. I hatched The Übergeier. Straight out of the egg he was a level 216 vulture with 1,025 HP, 462 damage, and 89 weight, which imprinted out to 1,230 HP, 547 damage, and 106 weight. After leveling him up some, I took him out to the swamp (while wearing my best set of flak armor just in case) and he made short work of everything there. I died once to a group of snakes literally seconds after The Übergeier killed a Baryonyx that had damaged me pretty badly, but the vulture was perfectly fine. I actually got the little
  2. I had the same problem in my first attempt at playing. I played for about a month, at which point I noticed that not only were rocks and metal not respawning in the places where I harvested them, several cells near my base stopped spawning animals. There was a whole swath of land between my first base and my second that was completely devoid of animals, so I wound up starting a new game and being very careful not to mine or hunt too much near my base. I also turned down the respawning of resources so that it would be hard to bug them out in the future.
  3. Welp, somehow my game files got corrupted. Not sure how or why, but I lost a few hours of progress, meaning that the 112 Icthyornis I tamed is gone along with the G3 vulture eggs I had started collecting. I assume it had something to do with the update, since when I came back to the game, the spring event was over and the files were corrupted. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty pissed. I reverted my save, but this time I went to try to tame the Icthy I wound up killing it somehow, but not before it took my best pike, which I wasn't able to find again. Then on the way back I saw an all white
  4. Success! Over a couple of in-game days I managed to hatch vultures with all their parents' best stats. Actually, in addition to getting my main second generation breeding pair, I hatched a melee mutation and a weight mutation, also with their parents' best stats. I decided to keep the mutations so I can breed them in later. Now that I've got my main G2 vultures, I used the leftover eggs from G1 to make an SS hatchery so I can go off to do other things while my birds are breeding without worrying about eggs popping open left and right. Hopefully I can keep up a steady supply of re-fertiliz
  5. I frankly don't care that it's a volunteer effort. Misinformation wastes peoples' time and is doing more harm than having no information at all. If the wiki isn't accurate, and you follow said inaccurate information, it can cause you to lose hours of time thinking you're doing something right when really you're just making things worse. Complaining about misinformation isn't hurting anybody, and it's not fooling anybody into wasting their time unknowingly. Misinformation itself costs the player time and resources, which is clearly more problematic than a simple complaint. The guilty party is n
  6. Honestly I don't owe you an explanation why I'm disappointed in the wiki either. You want an example, you go look through my post history, I explain one of the instances where the wiki had misleading information that did in fact set me back in my game. You do realise that calling me out for criticising the wiki makes it seem like you do think I owe something to the site? The implication is that if I don't want to participate in it, I'm not allowed to have an opinion about it, which comes awfully close to the idea that I owe my time and research to a website about a video game. I do not, a
  7. Here's the point you're missing: I don't have a responsibility to the wiki. I've never had a responsibility to it. I'm not getting paid by the admins, I never made a promise to contribute, and I owe nothing to the site. I have no incentive, ethically or otherwise to contribute, so why bother when I can just get better information from these forums? Some things simply aren't worth the time and effort it takes to make improvements, and in my opinion, the wiki is one such thing.
  8. You can know that information is wrong without knowing what the correct information is. For example, during the Halloween event, I noticed an unusual color appearing on the wild animals that wasn't listed on the wiki as part of the event colors. Considering I had not ever seen this color on wild animals prior to participating in the event, I knew it had to be an event color, but I did not know what the code for the color was in the game, ergo I had nothing to contribute to the wiki. Unless you're suggesting I effectively vandalize the wiki by posting under the color listing about how "A color
  9. I've never gotten involved in a wiki, nor do I know enough about the game to contribute. All I know is that some information I got on the wiki turned out to be wrong and it's chipped away at my faith in the information there. I'm not obligated to contribute just because I play the game. Moreover, though I've never bothered with wikis, I've known people who have, and any changes, regardless of how accurate they may be are as likely as not to be removed by someone who isn't personally familiar with the information. I have better things to do than to involve myself in wiki politics.
  10. Is it? All the sources I've seen say it's 70%.
  11. I've been trying (very unsuccessfully) to breed my vultures. I just let my game run half the time while I do other chores, and I swear I've gone through upwards of a hundred eggs yet not a single chick has inherited both its parents best stats. I'm being super anal about it mostly because I've regretted not being anal enough about stats in this game in the past, but good lord this is ridiculous. You'd think with the 70% chance for the higher stat I'd see more max level babies than min level babies, but no. I've seen two min level babies already but not hide nor hair (feather?) of a max level.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed the same about the wiki too. It's certainly the best website for technical information about the game, which isn't saying much since it's one of, what, three sites, all with limited info. I've noticed missing info and straight-up misleading info that relying on has set me back in my own game. It kind of surprised me after having been involved in the communities of other games whose wikis were really well curated.
  13. Gotta be Titanomyrma. The others either don't bother me so much or I hate with a passion that goes beyond annoyance *cough*Thylacoleo*cough*. Titanomyrma drains the stamina of my flying mounts and are so small that they're hard to hit. They're also a nightmare to deal with as a beach bob, and have pinned me in place when I was being chased by a swarm of angry bees. They're easy enough to kill after some levels or with a mount, problem is I never think it's worth the hassle until it's too late.
  14. Edit: Nevermind, I figured out the problem. Thanks for the help though!
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