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  1. #MakeSotFGreatAgain

    I agree with everything you said, apart from the typeforced bit haha..
  2. looks bad on epic settings

    Resolution scale?
  3. (SOTF) Servers a junk

    Its not THAT bad, make sure you only play on NA if you're from US etc and should be fine..
  4. I have an Ideea :) hope is not bad

    Was this topic moved? I swear it was in the sotf forum yday?
  5. I have an Ideea :) hope is not bad

    I dont want to be a douche.. but this idea, please no:)
  6. Ah, thats alright then:) but ya, may aswell make it public, not sure why I set it to private in the first place! Ty:)
  7. They can add me though i believe?:)
  8. Hello! Im guessing there are plenty of people out there looking for someone to play with. Since it can be pretty hard to get started in the game, I would like to help out when I have time. I dont mind if you are completly new to the game, I dont mind if you played 400 hours and simply is looking for someone to play with, a big + is if you have a mic though. If people up in the top of the tiny competitive scene of sotf would reach out to new and motivated players aswell, the competitive scene could potentially grow(many of you will say there is none, there is but its tiny). Since WC doesnt seem to care too much about SOTF and its community atm, i feel like we as players have to try to do something about the current situation if we want this game to survive and grow. I do understand if not everyone is willing to play with new people etc, because you obviously want the best possible setup each game you play. But for those who do, please drop your steamprofile in the thread:) I'll start: It would be awesome if atleast a few players can help out sharing some knowledge to new players aswell:) Peace
  9. WC, do you not understand people are SO frustrated you give ZERO information about rating, future survivor leagues, no response on the forums, no nothing... Your game is dying and you're just ignoring that fact?
  10. Best tactic to kill a Rex?

    If someone is dumb, they will keep riding it, and you can simply run in behind it and shoot with arrows, if the person gets off and whistle.. then try and get it stuck
  11. Beast from within was so counter-productive aswell.. people who had tames, they didnt get off their tames during beast from within, all they did was stand there.. SO tech for those players came out of play completly. And the herbivore drops also made people on tames less aggressive due to the fact, if they hit 1 bronto, the brontos entire freaking family will come and shank you and your mum.....
  12. Well said Stiffler, I'm pretty sure anyone who cares slightly about this game agrees.
  13. The 4 Minute timer

    If the game lasts 5 minutes, you're doing something wrong
  14. Whisle Folow distance

    Ahh alright, probably not available there yet then! Hope they sort it soon
  15. Whisle Folow distance

    They already have? Or is it only in SOTF?