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  1. Thanks to the forum for getting involved on these servers. Big shout out to Trust Tribe who brought 10 members onto Ragnarok. Was nice to see Ragnarok and Crystal Isles full the other day. We will be adding Genesis into the cluster in the next few weeks.
  2. #TCGC (The Cool Guys Club - Too many beers one night... We really aren't cool ) Maps The Island Ragnarok Valguero Crystal Isles Extinction Aberration Scorched Earth Genesis We are a tribe of 8 from the UK, with approx 14 other tribes playing actively across our servers. Fun and rewarding settings. We've been running this group of clusters for the past 3 months and looking for more tribes or individuals to come join the fun. PVP allowed, but we ask people to play considerately. We've recently added discord @ https://discord.gg/wuhz7AEr8a
  3. Is that on an officiial server?
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