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  1. Few updates: Starter kits are now available in white drops We've added scorched earth. We appreciate its not the most popular map ,but to get the full ark experience we feel this was the 1 missing link. We are considering adding a 3rd cluster - bi monthly, or monthly wipe with considerably faster rates. This is in consideration, so if anyone enjoys our no wipe clusters, it would be really good to get feedback. Thanks - and as always, please join the community on discord.
  2. An update to all - as we tend to not wipe our clusters we have started offering starter kits to all those who join the cluster. These kits will evolve as the cluster gets older, allowing new starters a chance to get up and running and more inline with the rest of the cluster quicker These kits are available on the Island at the Beach hut. Join our discord for more information and to request a kit.
  3. Cluster #2 - Added Today 2nd October 2021 Fresh Wipe. 5x Rates, small tribes (6 man) and increased taming Maps The Island Ragnarok Crystal Isle Aberration The Center Valguero Server Info Learning from our first cluster. Cluster #2 is aimed at more fun without over doing rates (or under doing them). We've played a lot of official and over the past year built our own cluster. Rates are faster than official and maps currently exclude Genesis as our belief is that is some what ruins the experience. Cluster #1 still has Gen/Gen2. We hate the "alpha" fe
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