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  1. Hello. Spino Gaming is a community focused on just having fun!! Spino Gaming Steam Group We have a Server to offer you, owned by a very active admin, server and mods ALWAYS up to date. Spino Gaming The island PVE Spino Gaming PVE click here to join! Theisland Pre-Nerf 10x Tame 4x Harvest 3x XP 400x egg hatch/mature 1.5x dino spawns 5x global spoil timers Battle eye Protected PVE carry enabled cave flying allowed Riderless dino defense is active Admin logging Hit markers Non-tribe dino's can ride on platforms without annoying falling animation. Spino's, Giga's and Griffens now spawn on carno island. Mods: Click Here to View and Download the mods currently running on our server.
  2. Scipizoa

    SE and the Phoenix. Location discussion.

    so, its refining forge ability, anyone manage to get it to work??? i have meats and metal in its inventory and its not doing anything
  3. Scipizoa

    Day One! Launch & More!

    congrats guys!
  4. Scipizoa

    HOW to tame Titanoboa

    Ok, so they get no mate boost, but do they at least get egg boosted by the oviraptor?
  5. you type bad and you should feel bad, xD!!!

  6. Scipizoa

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    can we get a server config to reduce the startup time on the tek forcefield? and will there be plans to change the shape of the forcefield, i.e from a sphear to a dome, etc??