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  1. I tried searching for the federation tek suit on the wiki and it said that its part of the genesis chronicles event. Does this mean you can only get them for a limited time and if so can you activate the event to get them under the advanced settings on console. I am wondering since I do not yet own the genesis season pass for Xbox and I might not until genesis 2 is already released.
  2. I have been hearing that Xbox unofficial servers are getting the flyer speed changes in the next major update. Will this include single player mode and if so how would it be enabled?
  3. This did not work I clicked the button to delete the single player map data for ragnorok and then waited at that screen with my xbox on for an hour or two (it was in Idle mode for half the time and my TV was off idk if this affects anything), at what screen do I wait at and also there is no respawn timer anywhere so I am confused. Also yes I looked around after coming back and starting a new save (when it gives you the option to respawn or to make a new survivor) so I made a new survivor and checked both the scar and the cave where there were no nests to be found. I can see the indents on the
  4. Thanks, I'l delete my Rag save and wait a couple hours hopefully this works.
  5. I was playing ark on Xbox on the Ragnarok DLC on solo and I turned on creative to fly around and search for the wyvern scar since I did not know its exact location. I took the creative rife on the red or destroy mode and I accidentally hit one of the nests causing it and all of the others to disappear for some reason. Is there anything I can do to bring the nests back without deleting my solo files on other maps. I tried using the button beside the Ragnarok save to delete my Ragnarok save but this didn't solve it, again is there a command or something that will solve this issue without losing
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