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  1. Need a decent size crew to do anything majorly above average compared to others, not like i have a list of people to call to drop everything and grind on ark and these forums are trash leaders should post things weekly updates so at least to let people know to raptor off of not. thx
  2. *500 health on him for bloodpacks
  3. I'm 22 I have been playing ark on and off for the last year a half I mean what isn't sick about the game I never tried pve just seems like once you had everything you cant really use it against anyone, but need improvement with pvp I usually grind out turrets and metal and gun towers but haven't had enough tribe members to use make the game easier usually just a duo tribe but my boi is tired of getting wiped so just be hoping to be make some good loyal ark buddies kind of thinking what I could before the big update and thats getting better at pvp and boss fights but I would say I'm mid tier in
  4. me and two other mates are slightly experience in this grind of ark played island a few times were able to become beta a couple times but we need smart grinders so we can win and have some fun if your interested we are in a genesis server based in bog and ocean. hmu pls we can get this done play the game to the max. 7023052417 shoot a text we from cali trying to just get further in the game NOO insider cmon now
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