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  1. Not much else other than the title. Figure someone already knows rather than me trying 10 different dinos for nothing.
  2. Oh I screwed up and didn't realize I had another giga nearby on mate
  3. This could be a bug with the DS Soul mod or some other mod on the server, but I've never seen this with any other dino. I have 2 lvl 24 giga's, both identical aside from male vs female Health-3, Stamina-2, Oxygen-3, Food-5, Weight-5, Melee-3, Movement-2 Somehow they produced this, and a few other variants with levels that shouldn't be possible. Health-3, Stamina-18, Oxygen-32, Food-33, Weight-32, Melee-33, Movement-2 Anyone know if there's some odd quirks to giga breeding that causes this? I guess it really doesn't matter with giga's since as I understand it all that
  4. I tried following a few of the guides. I have a single male Rex, lvl 30, 1 str mutation. 20 or so females, lvl 28 no mutations. Everyone is identical (except the male with 1 str mute). I'm using 2 SS hatchery's to collect the eggs so I can mass pop them. It seems like I only see a level 32 once in about 100 eggs. Does that seem right? Maybe the hatchery screws with the results?
  5. Nothing in the patch notes, but what's the chances they addressed the beehive issue in 324.24?
  6. Has this been officially recognized as a problem? This has been ongoing for weeks.
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