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  1. Hi all we are 5 ppl tribe that are starting fresh looking for more tribe mates to join us we play on Ps4 official pvp if anyone is interested joining us message me on psn - Federatti_PL
  2. Hi all we are 5 ppl tribe on ps4 island official pvp looking for new members to join us if you over 16 y with mic and you interested just add me on PSN Federatti_PL
  3. Hi there we are 4 ppl tribe looking for members add me on psn if you interested Federatti_PL
  4. Hi all I'm 24y old from EU with all dlc's got some telegrams could play up to 8 h a day just looking for chill tribe to join so if you guys still looking for ppl just reply here or add me on psn Federatti_PL
  5. Hi all I'm 24y old looking for new tribe on ps4 pvp fresh or advanced got lvl 99 character with some tek and could play up to 6-8 h a day
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