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    Hello! I am an Ark Fan who plays On Mobile and On PC and I have 20 Giga’s and Titanosaurs and RockDrakes. My favourite Titanosaur’s name was Boulder. Sadly my PC is gone and my Mutated Giga’s are gone. In Extinction I had every titan except for the King Titan. Soon the Titans disappeared cause they are a temporary tame. I will always miss my creatures and I’ll never forget them cause they are in my heart. . I prefer not to tell my friends that I have Ark on PC or that I had like 14 Mutated Giga’s. My favourite Giga’s name was Gnasher. Surprisingly I had a level 1 Giga! . I do miss my tames and try not to talk about it. But I will share it with you guys! :D. I haven’t played Ark on PC for like 2 years. I had almost tamed every creature in the Maps. I do miss all my tames since I never got to say Goodbye . Feel free to join my Tribe! I also started a YouTube Channel in which ill be doing ARK videos and shout-outs YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRZpjR6f_VxlCU-Cx2jB8Ow

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