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  1. Yes its on all the time. Static IP adress would cost us like 50 bucks per month and thats not worth it.
  2. We dont have a static IP. But we have a dyndns. Is it Possible to run it with it? Epic Users can connect from Lan, i havent tryed from external. Steamplayers can connect from everywhere.
  3. Hello and Welcome to my first Topic. So heres my Problem: -I created an Ark Server a few Days ago using Cubecoders AMP, but for any Reason Epic Games Players Cant connect. -With Steam Users there are absolutely no Problems. -Epic Players can see the Server in the List, but when trying to connect it says: Login Failed Connection lost -Crossplay is enabled -Battleeye is disabled -no server password -no mods IPv4: I would be very Thankfull if anybody can halp fixing this.
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