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  1. If the spooky scary skeletons dance isn't one of the new emotes I'm deleting the game
  2. no, Nintendo switch is not compatible for DLC's other platforms where DLC's are available are Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games Store and Stadia (Stadia will get Gen 2 three days later though)
  3. well dont they really similar, the Fed crop plot looks like the TEK crop plot but with those side poles down
  4. but where is the chest piece to the raiding kit, is this a glitch we might experience of the chest pieces disappearing
  5. It might be THE OSD's because we have to connect the stories, how else would we get them when on Extinction
  6. Based on all these comments I'm real glad I haven't been on ARK in a while since tons of servers are lagging and cryopods are killing tames
  7. You cant get spawn camped since there is cooldowns on beds and you spawn in random locations when not spawning at a bed
  8. I was just going off from previous events thats why I used the word "usually"
  9. 1. black is the result of no color so get you kindergarten money refunded 2. they just said black wasnt part of the Easter theme so you dont need to spaz out
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