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  1. That too, yes. It's really disheartening how many potentially good shows went down the drain as of late because of poor writing and shallow characters.
  2. Truth be told, the ol' triple quote and dismissing people's opinions by labeling them as "false arguments" does little for producing a productive conversation. It's quite clear you view this thread as a debate of ideology and not a debate on the merits of marketing and story telling, making use of the word "triggered" not so ridiculous after all. You're right. There CAN be multiple relationships of the same type in a single show. However, no matter how you slice it, Ark will have a limited run time. This means that time spent developing one relationship could have been spent developing something else. Do you know how you get a more all inclusive story? By having more than 1 type of character demographic and more than 1 type of character archetype. The more variety there is, the more likely the general audience will find something to latch onto. That said, why does Helena have to be gay/bi? Why can't she be straight? Why does her orientation or relationship status even need to be disclosed in the first place? These are things you should be thinking about from the construction standpoint of a narrative.
  3. The thing that I think a lot of people are forgetting is that there's already a relationship for the authors to develop with the intent of bonding with their viewers - Diana and Mei Yin. The addition of Victoria can either go 1 of 2 ways. 1) She's a flashback character that isn't alive during the events of the series 2) She's a living character during the events of the series If she happens to be a flashback character, then I would argue there is little room for the viewer to connect via the relationship of Helena and Victoria since not much time will likely be spent with Helena's past. That paired with the knowledge that Victoria would be dead by the events of Ark means there's not much room to watch the character grow, as their history is already set. Also, if the addition of Victoria is meant to shape Helena as we know her, then honestly, that role could have been given to any character and not just a romantic interest If she happens to be a living character, then what is her actual purpose? Helena is a tribe leader and basically occupied with the restoration of Earth. I don't see her having time to consider getting married or spending any significant time to develop a relationship without it being forced. Also, taking time to develop Victoria + Helena takes time away from other and more organic relationships, like Diana and Mei Yin, who's bond was formed from both circumstance and a common character archetype - the strong warrior. With the constant threat of death, the constant battles, and the focus of restoring Earth, I do not see any meaningful relationship sprouting from a "humanitarian aid worker" and a tribe leader amidst all the chaos that is Ark. Not only is Diana + Mei Yin a far more interesting dynamic, but I'd argue that there's more to relate to them than Victoria + Helena. Why? Because Mei Yin's nationality is Chinese, and likely stems from a historical era where same sex relationships was frowned down upon (which honestly, it still is over in China). If they wanted to appeal to a marginalized group and have a narrative around oppression, then that's their opportunity right there.
  4. *Praises Diana, a gay character, but disapproves the existence of Victoria, and is automatically considered anti LGBT because of using the word "pander"* Yeah, makes total sense Fun fact, some of my favorite movies and shows feature gay characters (Diamonds are Forever, Vandread, Saber Marionette). But hey, whatever helps you stay in your bubble I suppose. You need to decide what the story of Ark is. Is Ark a story of love, romance, and deeply interwoven personal relationships? Or is it a story about a group of people trying to kill Godzilla and restore Earth? That said, we both know what Ark is about. There's a reason why non-romance stories rarely feature more than 1 couple, and when said couple is featured, little time is spent developing that aspect. The reason for this is because too much attention on relationships in action oriented movies/shows runs the risk of the movie/show losing its focus. The inclusion of multiple romances and couples in action movies/shows are more often redundant that at best do nothing for the story's pace, and at worst completely screws with the story's pace. In that regard, a lot of what I'm saying now would also apply if Helena was written to have a husband, which I would also disapprove of. The only way Victoria can work in a non obtrusive manner is if she exists only in flashbacks, but even if that held true, I still take issue with the fact that she's marketed as a gay character. There's more to a person than their orientation, and the fact they decided to focus on that aspect of Victoria and use it for marketing is incredibly disingenuous. Introducing Victoria runs more risk of stepping on Diana and Mei Yin's relationship and making them feel redundant, or at least cheapening their relationship status, than it does developing Helena.
  5. It's kind of disingenuous to imply the only reason why I'm against it is because of who wants to toot who. A character's orientation doesn't factor into my disapproval of Victoria at all. This is something that should be pretty obvious if you read my post. I want Diana + Mei Yin to be a thing, not Helena + Victoria. Can you guess why? My reasoning is already in the original post, so if you read the post, you would understand the reasoning.
  6. You're right, there's most likely going to be more characters than just those who wrote the explorer notes. However, out of the main cast of explorer notes, you have 14 characters, more than enough to drive a story. The additional characters should be secondary and tertiary characters who serve to advance the plot, not pile onto and muddy up the primary roster. The inclusion of Victoria as a primary character feels incredibly ham fisted and is without a doubt an after thought.
  7. Not necessarily. A better question would be "why was there only one lesbian couple until now, which required a rewrite to accomplish?" Knowing Helena's story from the game, I don't see a "humanitarian aid worker" being a plausible romantic interest to Helena. So that makes me wonder, what is the ACTUAL reason for the addition of Victoria Walker as a new character? Why did Wildcard not feel it necessary to write Victoria into the story until now?
  8. For those who are unaware, a new character is being added to the Ark story via the animated series by the name of Victoria Walker. Her role? A humanitarian aid worker and the wife of Helena. The thing that genuinely worries me is this character was included for no reason other than to pander while requiring a rewrite of an existing character (Helena) to make it fit the story. Also, Ark's plot is large enough as it is, and considering that the animated series is not likely going to be a long running franchise, anything that takes time away from the core story runs the risk of ruining the story, or at least the flow of the story. The more time that is spent developing Victoria and Helena is time taken away from Helena, Mei Yin, Rockwell, Santiago, and the other survivors of which there are already plenty. In addition to that, the events of the story basically starts with Helena figuring things out, helping the tribes resolve their issues, discovering the purpose of the Arks and the history of Earth, and finally culminating in a final battle to save Earth. The inclusion of Victoria and her relationship with Helena does nothing but slow down the pacing of an already convoluted story. While Helena's personal life was never outlined in clear detail, none of her explorer notes ever made mention of having a wife. Meanwhile, said notes went into depth with regards to her relationship between the other survivors. This means that for all intents and purposes, Victoria walker does not exist and wasn't even remotely required when building Ark's lore. In addition to all of that, the most ironic thing is that there's already a lesbian couple in Ark - Mei Yin and Diana. The inclusion of Victoria in nothing short of redundant, and gives me the impression that it's not expected for ark Ark to run long enough to introduce Diana (who honestly is a far more interesting character than a humanitarian aid worker).
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