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  1. gen 1 server 103 on smalls is permanent crashing and laggy.
  2. hi, i am epic player. since yesterday i cant whistle any dino. does someone have similar problems ?
  3. i wanted to ask if someone also has problems with downloading and uploading ? since the last patch i need 5-6 minutes to download a full data, and again 4-5 minutes to upload. before the patch i was done with both in 2 minutes.
  4. my mates joined 122 but i cant see ragnarok 122 smalls in the server list. no chance to see this server. relogged, game closed etc
  5. same problem, but it shows i did every mission on gamma DILO
  6. this game is actually a lot of fun for me. but slowly the bad sides outweigh the constant anger over many things. the last 2 days 4 updates. now after the 4th update my game is crashing constantly. after every update my settings were deleted and i had to reset everything. the time before is lost my flak bp. i pulled it out of the ark data but then it was gone. was another thing....i traveld with many tames tuso breeder, carbos, daedon, stegos to my base they too had simply disappeared. my mate had similar problems. sorry but i´m really angry right now. who also has such pro
  7. hi all, i wanted to ask if someone has the same problems like me ? 1. my language changed from german to english, and i have no chance to turn back to german. 2. since the maintenance today, i get just prim loot - prim bp, prim saddles...ALL i play official. wish you a nice day dudes.
  8. smalls transfers unabled too. im in upload and cant join a server since 5 hours.
  9. my character lost in upload. and the drops are now called transmitter with inventory instead of ark data. so many huge problems now after update.
  10. hello guys, i uploaded my character with some stuff. now he's gone. I can still find my ark data in the drops inventory. the drops are now called transmitters. Does somebody have the same problems ? my mate has also uploaded and has the same problem
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