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  1. Would I be able to up/download the character data (Items) without having it be the same character? I thought that uploaded items were bound to that specific survivor and only items/dinos uploaded by that character could be downloaded again on a different Ark.
  2. I recently beat The Island and started up scorched earth. I decided to make a new character for a fresh experience and to get all the new engrams. I've progressed a bit, (Lvl 50) and still don't have any flying tames. After exploring around the map on my Tek Raptor, I never found any exept for the ever present Wyverns tormenting me throughout my journey. Where can I find some good flying tames, or should I just transfer some Pteranodons or Argys to SE? Also, how would I go about transferring those Dinos on the island to SE?
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