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  1. Through pure coincidence, I finally fell over the issue. It was an updated mod. This mod was updated the day after the friend and me played the last time (July 10th). Contrary to other games I am used to, ARK does not tell that the server uses an incompatible version or mod, but instead hides the game from the client entirely. A fairly bad design choice as it even leaves the admins puzzled for a time. Anyway: Copied the mod over from the client and the server is again visible and can be joined. If Studio Wildcard employees are reading this: Please have the game report incompati
  2. Thanks for responding. However, this rather general post I have seen before here just shows that you have neither fully read my post nor understand the troubleshooting I have done already. Please re-read my post and try again. PS: I do not know what "BattleMetrics" is and never used it.
  3. On July 9, 2021 it was the last time we, that is a friend and me, were able to connect to my dedicated server. Following that weekend, all I get is the following: - When simply clicking on "Join" choosing "LAN" with the widest filter possible, it states "No servers found". - When using "connect <ip>:<port>" as launch options in Steam: ---------------------------------------- Host Connection Timeout Lost/timedout connection to host. ---------------------------------------- - When trying to connect using "Steam" > "View" > "Servers" > "LAN" >
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