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  1. Sick of being wiped by alpha tribes !! Normally play solo but looking to join an active reliable tribe to play ark with. -25 -uk -discord (ryan95#4098) PSN (ScouseRazza) Lvl 84 currently but my old character was lvl 100 had to start over after an alpha tribe captured me. I'm a very experience player on most days give me a message if you gave space in your tribe !
  2. -25 -UK -lvl 83 on my current character but have been lvl 100 on a past character. -Great at taming,crafting and building and putting the grind in to get the resources needed. Play ark most nights -got a ton of experience on pvp solo on rag always build up decent solo bases but always get wiped by a mega tribes so need to join a reliable active tribe. -PSN (ScouseRazza) Discord (ryan95#4098)
  3. -25 - from the uk -Ton of experience on rag mostly solo on offical pvp. - have reached level 100 in the past but character I use atm is lvl 84 -psn is ScouseRazza1 -Very active member I enjoy taming,gathering resources and building bases. Need to find an active reliable tribe to join sick of being wiped after a week of solo pvp.
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