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  1. Put a cap on movement speed and the size of characters cause i would love to go i guy i like the look of but i have to go a small women to compete with other people and trying to shoot someone with a sniper when they can move 100 miles an hour and are so small
  2. Also to add i work alot and love pvp so i play offline raid but i spend the majority of it raising bring raising time down abit for people with less play time and stuff cause people who dont work and play 16 hours a day just wipe the floor with us putting us off and just switching to another game
  3. so you have a game full of dinos but a giga destroys all land creatures and stegos are the best for soaking, balance it out cap alot lower so if you wanna fight with a rex or something you can, or a soaker if you have a dino that can take more bullets cant be picked of cant be shot off what the point in using anything else, also take away giga rage you raise a dino for 10 days and one bite from another and its pretty much dead just cap them at like 400 melee and put rexs right up or just balance them all so it encourages people to tame new creature raise new creatures and stuff id proabay say the majority of people have never used an allosaurus
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