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  1. We are complaining about something that used to exist, and there are no patch notes saying it was changed/removed. Perhaps not everybody is as perfect as you clearly think you are
  2. Ability to craft Tek Replicator not appearing in the fabricator crafting menu. It does show (twice) in my personal build menu under crafting, but will not allow me to craft even with the correct materials. Single Player mode.
  3. Since your downloads are RIDICULOUSLY SLOW; make them optional or delayable for single players (non-online server players) so that we can play and update later. My download today maxed out at 1.20 Mbps on my Xbox with gigabit symmetrical ethernet because I was forced to update at the same time everyone else was. Other possible solutions: Pay for a better host environment; stagger the update based on region or time zone (or both.)
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