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  1. I not sure if wildcard reads the comments on there videos but I just had to say this. Thank you for making this incredible game as it’s has help me many times when I been anxious and depress. Anyway I do miss the old spotlight style videos what you guys did in the early days of Ark and seeing this video this morning brought a huge smile to my face so thank you for this. I’m sad that we coming to end of Ark 1 and I had plenty great adventures on your game and I looking forward to Fjordur and the future thanks guys
  2. Yes I thinking it console issue too just let someone to try it on there too
  3. I know that the code on web but it dosnt work on console
  4. Can any of you people know how to spawn them in. Thanks
  5. Hi all i was wondering if any of you nice pry out there can tell me if there issue on Xbox or PlayStation spawn in the Electronic Binoculars. I tryed GFI code and longer one too both nothing happens. I tryed this both on my sever and single player world and I get nothing. So anyone got any ideas or know of a change. Thanks all
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