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  1. We are tribe of 3 deep friend of NSFW Booty pirates and C1hundred. We are looking for 2 maybe 3 more tribe members loyal and dedicated survival building and thriving. Bust be active. It's ok if your new or haven't ever been in tribe. We need people who are looking to join a tribe long term active willing to do what us nessacary for tribe. If intrested join discord here https://discord.gg/wT8Rse4G
  2. Hey we will accept what lvl what skills times zone
  3. We are 3 deep on server official cross ark 13 we are pvp server but not aggresive unless provoked we are active daily and nightly small base basic knowledge. Not alpha tribe not trying g to be want to build a mid lvl base to take out boss see in game lure pvp a little on side for fun breed and move to next island until we beat them for ark 2. Savage life. Shout out to hbk NSFW unspoken and booty pirates thanks for showing us what pvp servers are a hard grind lol love to hate yall. If intrested in joining 3 deep fun active divers tribe join server and we are in south by the giant rock peninsul
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