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  1. ikliD left Positive feedback   

    amazing trade, ty^

    JovanMaxis was Trading

  2. TheJelly left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and easy trader, looking forward to future trades.

    JovanMaxis was Trading

  3. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    It was a pleasure to trade with Jovan. Easy trade, i've got a really good Thyla from him. Hope to trade with him again :)

    JovanMaxis was Trading

  4. Malenda left Positive feedback   

    Jovan is someone very kind, very interesting, very quickly, if it's to do again, I won't hesitate :)

    JovanMaxis was Trading

  5. AuroraDeviant left Positive feedback   

    Traded with Jovan and they were just wonderful to deal with throughout the whole experience. Got exactly what I asked for, they were patient (we did miss each other a few times) but all went perfectly smooth when we were both online and ready. Will most definitely trade with again and recommend to others.

    JovanMaxis was Trading

  6. GwanN left Positive feedback   

    Jovan was very friendly, we agreed fast on the trade , he knew what he wanted, he knew what I wanted. Now we are both satisfied with the results. I hatched He end up giving more than he had to, just to make sure I would get what i needed. I am very thankfull and happy for this trade. I recommend trading with him.

    JovanMaxis was Trading